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Fighting for my stutter, aggression and stuttering

I am not a violent person and have had very fights in my whole life. There was one particular day however where I completely lost the plot and did hit back. I am not proud of my actions and certainly would not recommend other people to react in the same way.
This incident occured when I was fourteen years of age. To say that I had been getting fed up with the constant mickey taking and abuse with regards to my stuttering problem, would be an understatement.
This coupled with my own massive frustration of having a speech impediment, which seemingly was not going to go away, made me a very angry and bitter person.
At school there was one main annoyance, a boy called Stuart. Even to this day, I have not met anybody who I have dis-liked as much as I did Stuart.
Firstly let me write about why Stuart was such a pain, he would spit at you, he would come up and punch you for no reason, he would write over your books, he would stamp on your bag, he would make rumours up about you, he would lie constantly and just to top it all off he would pretend he had a stutter, as a way of mocking me.
Other people in the class thought he was quite funny and a bit of a lad, I thought he needed shooting!
On a friday afternoon, after a whole day of this boy taunting and teasing me, I lost my temper. I went up to Stuart and punched him, with all of my weight and as hard as I could, in the face!
He fell back but managed to stay on his feet, to my shock he did not fight back. In fact he did not ever make fun of me again.
I am confident that Stuart has grown up to become a mature young man and if you are reading this Stuart, I am sorry for hitting you.
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