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Welcome to the Stuttering-Stammering Center..

Hello there. My name is Stephen Hill and welcome to the web site for my "How To Stop Stuttering-Stammering Centre". I am an ex-stammerer and I know how distressing a problem stuttering/stammering can be.

I hope you find the information here helpful and do please contact me for more details on how I can help you overcome your speech difficulties.

I offer tuition on a one to one basis, a five day course, four hours per day.

stuttering therapy coupleI also offer free introductory meetings plus a free after service is available to ensure continued fluency.

For people who are unable to attend a course they are able to purchase a dvd or ebook.

My latest therapy product is the Beat Stuttering & Gain Confidence Fast Track which tackles the problem of stuttering and low self confidence head on. This exciting course can be downloaded from this website and there is no need to wait for study materials to arrive in the mail.

Do not think you are on your own. 1% of the population suffers from the effects of a stammer or stutter. Now you do not have to allow a speech impediment to have a major impact on your life and lifestyle. Together we can overcome it and eliminate your stutter problem.

There are further options available for people who, for whatever reason are unable to attend one of the courses.

  • I'm very pleased to announce that the "How to stop stammering DVD" on which I describe the techniques employed on my 1 to 1 speech courses is now available as an automatic download version. This allows people to watch the therapy sessions on their own p.c/laptop/computer via windows media player.  There is no need to wait for the dvd to arrive in the post, you are now able to watch it immediately. The 70 minute physical DVD is also still available if required.  


  • A new and popular addition to my therapy products catalogue is the "How to stop stammering Audio Book" which contains the same content as the dvd but enables people to listen to all of the techniques on their way to work/school/college etc. This can also be downloaded directly from the website. 


  • The backbone of the course has been structured into a written form. These are refered to as the "Stammering/Stuttering Course Notes" and are available as both an e-book as well as in paper format.  


Dear Stephen,

We are writing to thank you for the miraculous change your "One to One" course has made to our 15 year old daughter Katie.

We had taken her to conventional speech therapists for 10 years without success, and understandably we had mixed feelings when we attended your course with Katie . We couldn't believe that she could be practically fluent after just one week, but that's exactly what did happen, and has continued with daily use of the "Speech Rules".

We were so glad to have an ex-stammerer to talk to, who personally understood the problems and frustrations Katie was experiencing. After years of misery through bullying and teasing because of her stammer, the difference to her life, and ours, is indescribable. She is now happy and confident to converse with anyone instead of shying away and spending so much time alone.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in the same position.

Yours Sincerely

Christine and Richard White

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Stuttering treatment

I hold the courses in my own home and always ensure people are made very welcome. Even though we are there to work hard, I also try to make the stuttering course fun and enjoyable for my client. It takes great courage to attend a course and most people are understandably nervous at the start.

I have recently received a letter from a lady who attended a course nearly a year ago. She had tried many forms of stuttering therapy and was very sceptical before the course.

In her letter though, she thanked me and said that she could not believe the difference it had made to her life. Where as before, life had been a struggle, her work and social life were now thriving.

She ended the letter by stating that her husband was not very impressed with me. He was complaining that she now never shuts up!

Dear Steve,

I am writing to thank you for giving me a cure for my stammer:

Like you, I had tried anything and everything to get rid of the problem, from hypnotism to group therapy, without any affect. The main thing your course did for me was to give me the confidence of knowing that it is possible to speak fluently in any given situation, by applying the teachings from the course.

Like any newly learnt skill, to maintain proficiency, one must practice, and if there was any danger of backsliding, it is only as a result of my own laziness.

The feeling of relief and freedom from this problem was immense. I therefore would have no hesitation whatsoever in endorsing your method, and would be only too willing to speak to anyone to vouch for its effectiveness.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Parke

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Fear Of Stuttering

This website has been online for over eight years now and for 2007 I am creating a new section. I am going to be writing about the different ways in which a stutter can impact on one's life.

I am sure people who have this form of speech impediment will be able to understand how it feels to be in the situations discussed. In a way this area is aimed to help people who are fluent to recognise just how difficult life can be for people who have a stutter/stammer.
During the eighteen years that I had a stutter, I did not want to be mocked, I certainly did not want any form of sympathy, all I wanted was to be treated like the normal person
 I was.

I was only too aware of the impediment that I had, which is one of the reasons I worked so hard to achieve fluency.

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Stuttering DVD Benefits:

Stuttering therapy from the comfort of your own home

Additional support available via telephone or email

Learn and practice the techniques at your own speed

No requirement to travel for a speech course
A very affordable fee when compared to a speech course

An effective self-help form of stuttering treatment

The stammering course notes are posted with the dvd for additional guidance

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