Hello there. Welcome to the web site for “How To Stop Stuttering-Stammering Centre”!  We know how distressing a problem stuttering/stammering can be.

I hope you find the information here helpful and do please contact us for more details on how we can help you overcome your speech difficulties.

Do not think you are on your own. 1% of the population suffers from the effects of a stammer or stutter. Now you do not have to allow a speech impediment to have a major impact on your life and lifestyle. Together we can overcome it and eliminate your stutter problem.

There are further options available for people who, for whatever reason are unable to attend one of the courses.

Stuttering treatment

The courses are online and always ensure people are made very welcome. Even though we are there to work hard, the stuttering course is fun and enjoyable. It takes great courage to attend a course and most people are understandably nervous at the start.

Fear of Stuttering

People who have this form of speech impediment will be able to understand how it feels to be in the situations discussed. In a way this area is aimed to help people who are fluent to recognise just how difficult life can be for people who have a stutter/stammer.